Save in just 5 simple steps

Register your job campaign with enRecruit.
Invite Candidates to answer 3 specific questions about the job, responding with a recorded video.
Candidates send video response to the Recruiter.
Recruiter reviews video responses.
Recruiter invites Candidates for interview or declines.

Watch the video

Customise you email messages to Candidates

We understand how important the recruitment process is, which is why we let Recruiters personalise their correspondence with Candidates if they choose.

As a Recruiter, you can choose to add your company logo to all emails you send via enRecruit, and customise the content on all emails you can send:

  • Invitation to submit a video response.
  • Invitation to an in-person interview.
  • Notification that a Candidate has been unsuccessful in being selected for further interviews.

Examples of all three email types can be viewed here…