Martin Warner

Founder and Chairman

Martin is Founder and Chairman of enRecruit. His day-to-day responsibilities include board governance, external and investor relations, and chairing the Product Design Council.

He is a technology CEO, film & documentary producer, investor and philanthropist. He is currently Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Talkbiznow, a 'business-to-business network community' platform. He is also Chairman and Founder of Cabo Films, a film equity and financing partnership and independent film production company, where he also is active in film producing and documentary film-making.

Martin recently founded Tech Entrepreneurs Week with the goal of making investment funding available to every tech entrepreneur in the UK. Being a strong vocal advocate for entrepreneurism and technology innovation both in the UK and US, he is currently lobbying the UK government to make London a technology centre for global excellence.  Read more

Moira Smith


Moira is an entrepreneur, business leader and Chartered Engineer who is passionate about realising the potential of technology and innovation through start-up businesses. Her current interests and activities span business leading, mentoring and investing, M&A, specialist technical consultancy, and training for aspiring Technical Entrepreneurs.

As CEO of enRecruit Moira brings a track record of technology business growth on an international scale from start-up to sale, as well as successful disruption of well established markets through the introduction of radical new delivery and technology paradigms. She understands the need for business to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the recruitment process and is especially cognisant of the challenges faced by small businesses.  Read more

Mike Duma


Mike is Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at enRecruit. His day-to-day responsibilities include overseeing software engineering, architecture, and technology infrastructure. Mike leads our open applications architecture program designed to enable anyone to develop services on the enRecruit platform.

He holds a number of other CTO and board level positions for technology companies in e-commerce, advertising, retail, social and app development.

Mike is highly regarded as an applications thought leader and sound practitioner in the field of software architecture and open source methods.

Prior to this, Mike held a variety of management roles in technology management and sales.

Ben Halhead

VP of Software Development

Ben Halhead is Vice President and Head of Software Development at enRecruit. Ben is responsible for overseeing product management and leading the software development team.

Prior to this Ben was senior web developer at Tribe UK Ltd.

Ben has a Bsc in Multimedia Technology from Derby University where he achieved first class honours.

Nick Hexter

VP of Design

Nick Hexter is Vice President of Design at enRecruit, with responsibility for design concept and development.

Previously working as a freelance Graphic designer for start up businesses such as the Alexander Technique Sheffield and Black Cat Vintage.

Nick takes a lot of artistic inspiration from surfing, long boarding and all the extreme sports he enjoys taking part in.

Nick went to university in Nottingham and graduated with a Degree in Digital Media Design.

Ollie Gash

VP of Architecture

Ollie Gash is Vice President and Head of Software Engineering at enRecruit. Ollie is responsible for setting the product architecture. He is also responsible for the technical innovation behind the enRecruit software platform.

Prior to this he held Project and Technology management roles at Boots Plc.

Ollie has a Bsc in Manufacturing Engineering from Loughborogh University, and a Masters in Information Technology from University of Nottingham where he achieved a Distinction.

Jon Foster

VP of Product Management

Jon Foster is Vice President and Head of Customer Experience at enRecruit. Jon is responsible for user interface design, development, customer experience and consumer behaviour research. In addition, he leads the development of system logic and site scalability.

Prior to this, Jon has held roles within a number of design agencies including Watermark Publishing, Robson Dowry and has worked as a Freelance Designer.

Jon is a committed supporter of Help Unlimited.

Frank Howell

VP of Mobile

Frank Howell is Vice President of Mobile at enRecruit. Frank is responsible for overseeing mobile product management and leading the mobile development team.

Prior to this Frank was senior web developer at Absolute Design Ltd.

Frank has a Msc in Computer Science from Nottingham Trent University where he achieved first class honours.